15 juillet 2007

We are Back

Sorry for the last 3 matchs but Lucas was away so i haven't follow the matchs... Anyway, this Saturday our team played against Bayside. Last time they goals 10-00 i'm not sure but this time they won again but only 2-0.... I would like to welcome LARA in the team...and congratulate all the team members for the nice photo of sunday morning...You were absolutly cute!!!! So have a look to the first official picture... Maitena
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29 juillet 2007

Match 28 july

Hello Very hot day today and a not to early match..Fantastic .....Maybe a bit hot for the team ... Anyway, Drama, drama and drama, only 6 team members, a sick goal, upset Lucas, bad refere, too pushy boys....That's the story of this match....I'm not sure of the score but when i stop to count it was already 5 goals and nothing for Bayside. Some good news, our new girls are doing really well and we are happy to have them on bord. The team is bigger so will be stronger but we need to make sure everyone play. So from now we... [Lire la suite]
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